by Robert Brečević

Oscar Guermouche held a 2 day workshop at Mejan last week (8-9 Februrary) as part of the course Propaganda. It included studio visits and raised important issues around the past practices of social critiquing within the arts. Should we use art / the art of propaganda to merely point our finger at things we perceive as “bad”?

As a finale of the workshop Oscar Guermouche continued on friday and installed his work “Vi vill åka till Moskva” – a powerful piece that features marching songs, sung at Swedish ranger regiments in the 1980’s and 1990’s, together with a collection of quotes where political speeches, marketing strategies, news articles and biblical books are intermixed with legislative works, history books, lyrics and the information with which the artist himself was provided when he joined the Lappland Ranger Regiment in Kiruna, Sweden. The texts have a chronological aspect based on the Oscar Guermouche’s own military service, 1998-1999, and the last war between Sweden and Russia, 1808-1809.
Vi vill åka till Moskva was one of the works involved in the “Konstfack scandals” in the spring of 2009.

Unfortunately the piece is not exhibited to it’s full extent due to limitations set out by Kulturhuset in combination with the the exposure and non-secured nature of the exhbition space.