As of 20/1-2012 Royal Institute of Art hosts course in propaganda films as context-dependent expressions – in cooperation with the Culture house / Stockholm.

The course will provide continuous exhibition opportunities at the Lilla galleriet with the connecting library space at the Culture house – ie right side at the metro plan. The access to this part of Culture house occurs during the period of January 20 to March 16. Here we can project videos, put up posters, do live performances, lectures, embed stray books – video screens among the bookshelves.

We conduct research and look at different kinds of propaganda films (political movements, religions, sects and other philosophical questions); how can propaganda film made better and more compelling for different contexts?

We compare with advertising. How has it become trivial to sell goods but not ideals or view-systems? About preaching. Is the so-called art of memetics useful? About the iconophobia of our time (fear of influental images other than pornography); on the resistance to “beautify” truths and on skepticism and dogmatism.’The people despise religion. They hate it and fear it to be true. ‘ (Blaise Pascal ‘Thoughts’) We check out ‘intellectual montage’ of Eisentstein, the relationship between tell (speech, text) and show (picture) as well as other narrative approaches that can be useful for the seasoned propagandist. We do surveys, samples, interviews, we sharpen our tools to be better at convincing, indoctrinating.

And above all: we expose enemy propaganda to strengthen our own position (context switching). We also try to define a new concept: post-propaganda film.

Students challenge each other with the task of making propaganda films with increasingly difficult “clients”. We use mainly of ‘viral media’ (youtube + twitter) and Kulturhusets public contact surfaces to come out and try to convert people.

The course aims to develop a regular film festival for propaganda film categories, religious, political and “other”.